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Jewelery Trends 2016

 Large Earrings:

Large earrings are back again by popular demand. This time around, they look very similar to those styles we saw in the 1980s. On-the-ear styles tend to look dated however so designers are adding a little French hook to the tops of buttons and circles to make them modern. Colorful gemstones in rainbow brights are being used, which happen to look beautiful near the face. Other earring styles that will take spring by storm include marquise-shaped “flutter earrings” comprised of multiple layers of metal. Each piece is layered strategically over the next and made to look like bird wings when the wearer moves her head. In fact there is a multitude of earrings formed to look like beautiful creature wings. From birds to butterflies to fairy, wings are a very trendy them for earrings du jour.

Colorful Bracelets:

Ladies who love to layer will enjoy this trend! Colorful bracelets whether thick or thin are all the rage for spring. Cuff bracelets have been über popular over the past two seasons. In spring consumers will shake things up by selecting versions in bright colors. The fine jewelry versions of this trend will feature colorful enamel, black paired with white gemstones as well shiny or matte metal versions. The most modern way to wear these colorful bracelets is to rock styles that don’t necessarily match. Color, style and size, it’s a bracelet bonanza season.

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Multi-Media Necklaces:

Necklaces are ubiquitous and they will continue to be in 2016. The new ones will evolve from the fall and winter versions, continuing to be large and sometimes loud. “Shipwrecked” versions whereby many elements of the necklace are tangled and twisted have hidden treasures and trinkets interspersed throughout the piece.

Multi-Strand necklaces that connect via a clasp in the back are coming to market as the perfect option for ladies who are trepidations about layering necklaces themselves. Cascading chains with charms as well as the mixing various metals are contemporary styles of this trend.

Elongated “U” shaped necklaces are also going to be a pretty way to bring attention to simple cotton tops as well as the flowing dresses of the season. The “U” portion is made of beads typically and suspended by chain or fabric for a softer, vintage vibe.